About us

XSunucu was founded in 2014. We aimed to be an institution that will keep the quality of service high, keep customer satisfaction on the front and always be improved. Today, the number of individuals and companies that sell vps and vps, however, is not so easy to find companies with good quality machines and lines that have a team of technical support who are focused on solution and not problem at any moment.


XSunucu’s goal Less customers, more security and more performance per Dedicated Server. Almost all the extensions for all the scripts you want to host and the uptime rate over 99.9% support XSunucu hosting packages. For VDS machines, one main machine is serviced with a maximum of 3-5 machine guarantees. Each machine has a speed of at least 2*1 gibt/s (2*500 mbit/s warranty) and a maximum of 1*10 gbit/s (Domestic line 7 gbit/s, internet 5 gbit/s guarantee). However, you can request a 100 Mbit/s line without sharing at 1 Gbit/s machines or you can request a 200-300 Mbit / s line without paying for more.



XSunucu Internet Technologies
YS Document No : YS-3213
Tax Office : KAÇKAR
Tax Number : 6760228034