litespeedtechLitespeed web server software used on hosting or physical servers is a server type scaled with high performance for servers with high resource consumption or high visitor traffic. This is the most healthy web server type available today and is a paid software.

LiteSpeed ​​, which can be built on cPanel , Diretc Admin , Plesk Panel offers higher performance for users. Servers may not be able to meet requests from Apache Web Server on cPanel if the site’s instant hits are high. In this case, Apache will not be able to handle this operation and the server will increase its Load value because it will be requested too soon for your server. LiteSpeed ​​will help you solve your problem to a large extent, providing efficient performance on the server versus the possible “ Load ” imbalances. In order to avoid such problems, you need to be careful when purchasing Litespeed on shared servers that you or your service provider receive.

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LiteSpeed consumes fewer CPU resources than Apache , one of the oldest web servers. This allows your server to balance the load value.

The Litespeed Apache server operation, which relieves your server from heavy workloads, effectively makes your server work more efficiently with up to 60% provide.