Cancellation and refunds

The XSunucu agrees and undertakes to refund the fee (paypal, money order, eft etc.) that you pay under the applicable money transaction conditions below.


There is a separate return rule for the following services ..

Money Back Guarantee

Vds / Vps and Seo Hosting Complaints

The following products will be made in 7 days as of the day you bought it, and no money will be made for the following 7 days.


Refund coverage: The day and activation fee (5 TL (2USD) for first time purchasers and 10 TL (4USD) for customers who bought the product) is deducted from the day and the activation fee used by the customers requesting cancellation within 7 days after delivery.



  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)
  • SEO Hosting

Web Hosting

The following products will be refunded within 30 days as of the day of purchase, and no refund will be made for periods after 30 days.


Refund coverage: At the latest within 30 days from the delivery of the product, the activation fee is deducted from the day of the cancellation request and 5TL (2USD).



  • Standart Web Hosting
  • Corporate Hosting

Non Refundable

No money is made when you buy in the following products.



  • Domain name registration
  • SSL certificate
  • SEO Studies
  • BackOrder Tests
  • Dedicated Server
  • Panel License fees
  • Operating System Licenses
  • Other License fees
  • Technical Support Packages
  • Installation Fees
  • Packet downgrade (lower packet reduction)

Speed Test Results from our German Server

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